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ultimate fuel

RECVR is not simply a “before, during or after” gel. RECVR is a sports fuel, AND recovery product.

real ingredients = real results

now with 50mg of 99%+ pureCBD isolate in each pouch!



RECVR Sports fuel + Recvery line boosts energy via fast absorbing carbohydrates, and naturally jump starts your recovery with 99%+ pure, THC free CBD isolate. RECVR is perfect for use during exercise for extra energy, and after exercise to put your recovery in beast mode.

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RECVR Hangover line The ultimate Hangover relief gel with CBD. Highly bioavailable = fast relief. Proprietary blend of DHM, Activated Charcoal, and B-Vitamins are a proven fast hangover relief combo. Add that together with 99%+ pure CBD isolate, natural ingredients, and you’re back in business.

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RECVR comes in a convenient waterproof resealable pouch for on the go portability. All our isolate is 99%+ pure and THC free. Our CBD comes from USDA certified organic hemp, the purest form of CBD isolate available. We third-party test all of our CBD isolate to ensure quality, and results can be found on our Test Results page. We use lot codes on our labels that can be traced to test results of the batch of CBD used. RECVR products are also gluten-free.

 Nutrition is important to everyone, and the facts can be found on our Nutrition Facts page. RECVR boosts energy via fast absorbing carbohydrates, delays muscle fatigue, and promotes recovery during, and after physical activity. No matter if you’re a competitive athlete, weekend warrior or simply suffer from aches, and pain, RECVR is perfect for you. Still have questions? Check out our Q&A page or shoot us an email.

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