Highly bioavailable sports nutrition gels

RECVR Nutrition is athletes, and weekend warriors. We have competed in Ironman, Marathon, Xterra, Ultra racing, Swimming, and MTB racing events. We  have tried just about every sports nutrition gel on the market. While gels we have tried have “got the job done”, they weren’t without fault, along a few stomach issues along the way. NONE were made from 100% all natural ingredients. GO ahead and try to find a sports and nutrition gel with no additives or preservatives and names no one can pronounce.

Our goal: ( and we think we nailed it ) To make sports, nutrition, and recovery gels that: 

1) Made with only all natural ingredients

2) Jump started recovery

3) Can be used before during, and after any training session

4) Taste great

5) High Bioavailability

6) No unexpected aftertaste

Each ingredient we select for use in our gels has a specific purpose in mind and is backed by scientific testing. We use 99% pure CBD isolate from USA sourced, USDA certified organic hemp in each gel we produce because we 100% believe in it’s benefits. FDA regulations currently do not allow us to make any claims about the use or benefits of CBD isolate. We highly encourage you to Google CBD where you can read tons of documentation about the benefits, and usage so you can make an informed decision for yourself.

RECVRcbd is not you average gel. Consider the ingredients we use in every gel, along with their benefits and you will find RECVRcbd gels are simply a superior product.

Give RECVRcbd a try and #RECVRbetter